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We blend treatment technologies help patients suffering from the conditions below, and many more.

At The Mayfair Clinic we treat a variety of conditions that can cause neck or back pain, as well as many other symptoms. Thanks to our state of the art technology we are able to treat these conditions in multiple ways to achieve success for our patients. Below is a list of some of the more common conditions we encounter.

If you are suffering from pain caused by any of the below, there is an extremely good chance we can help you. The best way to find out for sure is to contact us today, either by phone or email.

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Understanding the cause of sciatica is vital to successful treatment. Because of this treatment of an individual’s, sciatica will likely vary from person to person.

Treatment will initially focus on reducing the sciatic pain, which could be because of a disc injury or other spinal problem. Eliminating the excessive inflammation reduces pain. Sciatica is often misunderstood and quite often patients will be doing things which will be making the problem worse. With the right guidance, advice & treatment, a lasting recovery is possible.

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Herniated Disc

Often incredibly painful and disc herniations can be associated with pain down the leg to some degree. Our treatment targets the damaged disc to reduce inflammation and pain.

We then work to accelerate healing of the herniated disc and provide a robust rehabilitation regime to reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence, or the condition affecting other discs.

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Spinal Stenosis

Occurring commonly in the neck or lower back, spinal stenosis can be due to many things. Commonly we see people with spinal stenosis caused by disc problems or arthritis. In these cases, the patient will be less tolerant of inflammatory build up around the stenosis.

Targeted treatment to address the excessive inflammation and causes of the stenosis is necessary. In some cases treatment provides lasting relief, however, in degenerative cases, an element of maintenance treatment may be advisable.

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Whiplash doesn’t always have to leave you in a hospital or neck brace. Many patients are unaware of how much soft tissue damage can linger if it isn’t treated after a whiplash injury.

We target treatment to help heal the damage and reduce the amount of pressure that can linger in the neck (and back) after a whiplash injury. In most cases, relief can be noticed immediately and when caught early, permanent degenerative damage can be avoided.

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Slipped Disc

This can also mean a bulging disc, very often because the disc is being “squashed”. We begin with reducing the mechanical pressure on the disc as well as reducing inflammation and pain.

By gently helping the discs restore healthy function again, minor damage and inflammation subside. Rehabilitation is vital to long-term recovery and to remove factors that lead to the slipped disc.

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Trapped Nerves

Characterised by sharp local pain, trapped nerves can sometimes radiate out from the main area of pain. Quite often these are exacerbated by specific movements.

A relatively minor condition, treating the trapped nerve at its source is most effective, reducing any associated muscle spasm. We also work to alleviate excess inflammation that can be a result of trapped nerves. Typically these sorts of conditions will resolve with treatment quite quickly.

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Ranging in severity from Grade 1 to 4, spondylolisthesis’ need a careful approach to ensure safe treatment. Firstly establishing and removing daily activities that could make things worse. Secondly, looking to establish why the condition has occurred in the first place.

Treatment targets the soft tissues to restore the good health and strength of supporting muscles and ligaments. Combining treatment with strengthening and preventative exercise is important.

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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease can cause terrible pain, and all too often affects an isolated joint. Your pain will normally be passed off as “wear and tear”. This is not acceptable, and more should be done to help reduce pain than a lifetime prescription for pain killers.

We seek to understand “why this disc?” so we can tailor our treatment and rehabilitation to eliminate the real cause of this isolated & excessive degeneration. In doing so, get you feeling better, faster, with no side effects!

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Neck Pain

Neck pain can really affect your quality of life in a bad way. Fortunately, at The Mayfair Clinic, we have the best in treatment technology to ensure we have the most well-rounded approach to treatment available.

So whether it is arthritic change, or bulging disc, or even a trapped nerve, we will find the right treatment to get you back to doing what you love in no time!

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Back Pain

Back pain is one of the greatest causes of disability of our time. Left unchecked chronic back pain has been known to be associated with a serious drop in quality of life and even progression to conditions like depression.

Thankfully when approached with the right treatment, back pain doesn’t need to hold you back. We have fantastic treatments to combat a variety of causes of back pain with great success.

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