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Visit The Mayfair Clinic in central London to experience IDD therapy, the perfect treatment for disc injuries in the neck or back.

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What Is IDD Therapy

IDD Therapy is a form of spinal decompression that is used to help patients with neck & back pain caused by disc injuries. At The Mayfair Clinic we combine IDD Therapy into our approach to uniquely help patients recover from slipped discs, bulging discs and herniated discs.

IDD Therapy works to relieve pain & restore function in a gentle, non-invasive way.

Why Should You Try IDD therapy?

IDD therapy is a safe, painless & effective treatment for a range of conditions and injuries to the discs in your neck or lower back. It works by gently taking pressure off these damaged discs giving them the relief they need for normal healing to take place.

Neck Disc Injuries

Slipped discs, bulging discs, or herniated discs giving pain in the neck, shoulders or down the arm.

Sciatic Pain

Pain originating in the lower back that radiates down the leg, this can go part way, or all the way into the foot.

Chronic or Acute back pain

Pain coming from the lower back, from the short term pain, to chronic lower back pain that has persisted for years.

Back Disc Injuries

Slipped discs, bulging discs, or herniated discs giving pain in the low back, buttocks or down the leg.

Degenerative Disc Disease

More chronic and damaged discs in the neck or lower back.

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I’ve been struggling with back issues for 10 years and I’ve seen dozen of specialists, the Mayfair team was by far the most professional and effective.

IDD therapy in action

IDD treatment works with the patient laid down whilst a gentle pulling is applied to the body. This could be for the neck or the lower back. Slowly the pressure is removed from the injured section of your spine. The therapy then works by gently moving back and forwards to increase and decrease the pressure in the surrounding tissues and discs. This process allows IDD therapy to improve the overall health of the area in a non invasive way.

Taking it a step further, at The Mayfair Clinic, we combine our IDD therapy with other modalities, to provide an even more well rounded approach to the problem of neck & back pain. 

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What Makes Us Different

At our clinic, we combine numerous treatments that each achieve something unique and special for the patient and their neck or back pain. Learn more about this approach below, we call it ‘The Mayfair Method‘.

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What People Says About Us.

They are true professionals and will put a lot of effort until you actually see results. Yes you might need to work hard and be patient as I did, but I am now getting better and stronger and its all because of Mayfair Clinic.

– George, Google.

The fact that they seek to find the root cause of the problem makes complete sense & enables a suitable course of treatment, specific to the problem, to be diagnosed. The treatment provided, along with advice on suitable exercises to alleviate and eventually rectify my problem, has been invaluable. I highly recommend them.

– Pamela, Google.

I have been very impressed with the care and attention I have received from Michael, Joe, Lara and Kerryn at the Mayfair Clinic. I believe that this clinic is at the forefront of holistic care for people suffering from back pain. As well as their hands on approach to the patient they also require the patient to be proactive in taking part in a personal and gentle exercise programme.

– Stuart, Google.

The Mayfair Method

Learn about how our specialist treatment technologies are combined to maximum effect.

Laser Therapy

Accelerates Injury Healing

IDD Therapy

Gently stretch the spine

Percussive Vibration

Reduce muscle tension & spasm

Spine Adjusting

Safely mobilise stiff joints

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