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At The Mayfair Clinic, part of what makes our clinic unique is the exceptional detail we go into in our new patient consultation, a process you will not find anywhere else.

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The Mayfair Clinic are proud winners of the Queens Award for Enterprise & Innovation in 2020.

The award was in recognition of our innovation in the Healthcare space, through the use of technology to better aid patients and their recovery from back pain.

The Process

Our aim is to understand the complexity of your case, this may include reviewing scans that you’ve previously had. Covering past episodes, and understanding what things have a positive & negative impact on the pain.

We also need to understand the daily stresses & strains you place on your body. The devil is in the detail, and we frequently discover that patients are continuing with practices that are not helpful at all.


I will advise anyone with back pain to visit The Mayfair Clinic… undertake the digital x-ray analysis with Michael before considering further treatment…insightful analysis gives a comprehensive diagnosis which is easy to understand, and the recommended course of treatment shows a measurable and attainable target.

Ayo, Google.

What’s Included In The Initial Consultation?

Consultation & Case History

Gather information on possible causative factors & injury context.

Examination & Testing

To understand where your problem is coming from

Tailored Treatment

Initial treatment targeted to your injury & factors preventing recovery.

Upright Digital X-Ray Imaging

To gain a unique understanding of how your spine performs under load.

Independent Clinical Radiology Report

A second set of eyes to check & report on the condition of your spine, with any relevant comments.

Full Spine Mechanics Report

To reveal any weaknesses in your neck or back & to guide appropriate treatment & rehabilitation plans going forward.

Trusted by 1000's of Happy Patients

Stellar treatment. Michael was able to effectively diagnose my issue and gave me some new insights into the root causes that I had never considered or had ever even been raised in the past from previous visits to other clinics. In my consultation I was not only treated but given a comprehensive understanding of my ailment and excellent advice on how to not only self-remedy my current issue at but also ways I could improve other aspects of my posture/alignment. Highly recommend a visit to the Mayfair Clinic.

Jason, Google.

The Mayfair Method Treatment Technologies

Accelerating Deep Healing

Gently Stretch Your Spine

Painlessly Release Stiff Joints

Deep Soft Tissue Release


Arrange your consultation today by contacting the clinic directly today & start your recovery.

What People Says About Us.

Thanks to all staff Mayfair clinic for hard wark. Since I started treatment with Mayfair clinic it is massive progress, us HGV DRIVER i was struggling in my daily life before get Mayfair clinic. With hard wark of those guys Michael and his team, I couldn't ask for better service. Thanks alot

Tsehaye, Google.

I've been struggling with back issues for 10 years and I've seen dozen of specialists, the Mayfair team was by far the most professional and effective, their treatment is very different that what you usually get and they do care about the pacients deeply. Highly recommended!

Rafael, Google

This is Michelle not Lynn. The treatment I’ve had at the Mayfair clinic has been wonderful. I was in constant pain hbefore and constantly taking painkillers, but now I go days without taking any painkillers at all, and then only one or two. I can lift my grandchildren, play on the floor with them, walk for hours and my sciatica scarcely impacts on my everyday life any more.

Michelle, Google

Our Team

Meet our great team of clinical & non-clinical staff below.

Lara Haxa

Lara Haxa


Michael Fatica

Michael Fatica

Co-Founder, Practitioner

Joe Crawford

Joe Crawford


Kerryn Ramm

Kerryn Ramm

Clinical Manager

Oli Crisp

Oli Crisp


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