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What Makes Our Treatment Approach Unique



High-tech Treatment Technology

instead of hands-on or exercise only approach


Target The Source Of The Problem

rather than just rubbing the bit that hurts


Precise & Pleasant Treatment

instead of non-specific massage, stretching or man-handling


Measurable Effects Of Treatment

rather than "click the joint, and hope for the best"


A Combination Of Effective Therapies

so we can treat every aspect of your injury for real results

Are You Finding Each Episode of Pain Worse Than The Last?

A lot of the New Patients we see in the clinic visit us suffering from recurrent or worsening episodes of back or neck pain. Often this is because treatments are just designed to try and deal with muscle spasm or inflammation, rather than target the root cause of the worsening injury.
Give yourself the best chance of recovery and book your appointment at The Mayfair Clinic. Not only do we use some of the best treatment technologies, but our examination includes X-Ray analysis where relevant.
This means that we know exactly what we’re dealing with and can give you the best possible chances of a recovery!

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Osteopathic Treatment

Traditional Osteopathy has its limitations, and given the advances in modern technology, it should be expected that there are innovative ways to heal people nowadays that simply didn’t exist in years gone by. Fortunately we have selected some of the best technology that allows us to treat patients in an extremely osteopathic way, just significantly more effectively. 

Treatment For Relief That Lasts

Our unique approach to treatment, & carefully selected treatment technologies allow us to target the root cause of conditions such as sciatica, slipped discs, trapped nerves & many other painful conditions. It’s this edge that gives our patients faster results that last in even the most chronic cases. 

We have treated everyone, from people forced out of work because of terrible back pain or surgery, to business men & women being held back because of frustrating & painful conditions. Whoever you are, conditions such as herniated discs, arthritis, and tendonitis can be painful & severely impact your quality of life.

How We Help You

At The Mayfair Clinic, we combine our modern treatment technology to achieve lasting relief for a variety of conditions and injuries. 

After the initial examination which can include detailed Spinal Imaging analysis, three treatment principles make up the core of our treatment technique ensuring patients get the best recovery possible and have a robust rehabilitation strategy.

X-Ray Analysis To Identify The Cause Of The Problem

We use X-Ray analysis to carefuly anaylse your spine, to better understand your injury and what factors are preventing it from healing. 

We then use this information to tailor your treatment & rehabilitation for a complete approach.

Release Stiff Joints For Smoother Mobility

Spinal Impulse Adjusting restores normal mobility to stiff joints in the spine, allowing your body to move in a more fluid way with less pain and restriction.
Osteopathy London Back Treatment

Gently Stretch Your Spine To Reduce Pressure

Spinal Decompression is an excellent option for many back and neck pain conditions. The treatment provides a gentle and controlled stretch to the neck or back, relieving pressure in the spine instantly.
treatment for back pain osteopath london

Deep Healing For The Most Painful Injuries

Laser Therapy targets damaged tissues deep within the body to give you a faster and more complete healing, with less scar tissue and pain.

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