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What Makes A Back Pain Specialist?

At The Mayfair Clinic, we know that to really help a patient with neck or back pain, you have to have a specialist understanding of the supporting structures of the back. The Spine.

At our clinic in Cavendish Square, Central London, we pride ourselves on undertaking the most thorough examination & diagnostic processes to uncover the real causes of neck & lower back pain. Once both the practitioner & the patient understand exactly what’s going on, we can begin treatment to provide a lasting solution for the patients pain.

A Structural Osteopathic Approach.

Believe it or not, your spine has a specific alignment. For all human beings, there should be curves in the main, mobile part of the spine. An arch in the neck and low back (backward bend), and a curve in the middle back (forward bend). Much like the structure of the walls in your house or legs on your table, there is a specific position your spinal curves should be in. This position is, and should be, measured.

Unfortunately you simply cannot do this without seeing the spine itself & this is why we know, the only way to be specific and accurate is with imaging. For our patients, we undertake a detailed analysis of their spinal alignment. These curves in the neck & back allow your spine to absorb shock, like suspension on a car. If the curves are wrong, absent, or worse, reversed, your spine cannot absorb shock normally. This is when you see particular joints in the back degenerating and becoming damaged, this is called “wear and tear”. This should not be put down to age, what about all the other joints in your back that aren’t “old”. At The Mayfair Clinic, we hear this from patients all the time and it is not fair at all on the patient. What’s worse is if your practitioner is not aware of this and decides to just rub your muscles, to little effect, or tell you to do exercises (frequently the wrong ones, because they don’t have a detailed understanding of the spine).

All our patients benefit from our specialist spinal knowledge, and we work with a prestigious local clinic for our spinal imaging to ensure our patients get the best & most specialist care, and ultimately, the best results.

What Sort Of Imaging Is Best For Chronic Back Pain or Neck Pain?

When back pain is chronic, patients have usually been for imaging, however, unlike many osteopaths & physiotherapists, we do not choose MRI scans. The reason for this is very simple, MRI scans are done lying down, providing no useable information on the spines ability to deal with gravity. With the majority of back pain, the main pain occurs when the spine is compressed i.e. when standing, sitting, or some other load-bearing position.

Incidentally, most patients in this same category manage better lying down, reigniting pain as soon as they try to get up again. We know this is the case, which means something must be changing in the two positions, something that invariably relates to the underlying cause of the problem, something we can treat.

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Specialist Examination Of The Spine Is Essential

To fully understand any problem, seeing is believing. Although specialist orthopaedic testing of the spinal joints, ligaments & muscles helps understand approximately where the pain is, it does not go far enough to revealing the true reasons for the back pain.

At The Mayfair Clinic, we combine these two, to great effect. Testing the patient first. Then where clinically appropriate, looking directly at the spine through the use of digital imaging for a sharp, high resolution imgage of the patients unique spinal alignement. 

We then go into great detail to understand how the patient’s curves are & how mis-alignements, where significant, are contributing to the problem.

From this informed position we can then create the best strategy for your recovery!

An Example Of This Specialist Approach In Action:

Before Treatment

Nicola saw us first, suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain, hardly able to sit still without pain.

Detailed examination gave us the ability to treat the cause of a damaged cervical disc which was putting pressure on the nerves in her neck.

We were also able to work together to reverse the neck alignment issues that had been building over the years, putting more pressure on the discs in her neck.

3 Months Later

Nicola’s Symptoms of neck, shoulder & nerve pain improved drastically within the first 3-4 weeks with treatment.

The abnormal position of her spine had changed substantially too after following the treatment schedule & at-home rehabilitation prescribed.

This has left Nicola with a much more balanced spine with less pressure on the disc.

Plus, the improvement in her alignment can continue over the coming months as she continues her work at home.

Could You Benefit From This Specialist Approach To Neck & Back Pain?

In the clinic we see patients who have seen “everybody”, suffering from neck or back pain for months, years and even longer. These patients have often had MRI’s or been told it’s just a muscle, or it’s a slipped disc, and they need to just let it recover in time, or manage the pain with medication.

If you or someone you know has been in this unfortunate position there’s hope!

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What To Expect When You First Visit Us

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What Your First Visit Includes:


Treatment From Your First Visit

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Full Consultation & Examination

to build a case history & injury profile


Special Orthopaedic Testing

to understand which structures are involved


Digital X-Ray Imaging

where examination proves clinically relevant


Independent Clinical Radiologist Report

checking for more serious bone damage


Full Spinal Biomechanical X-Ray Analysis

to understand the real cause of your back pain

Full Examination Including:

*X-Ray, A Treatment & Results £250

*only if clinically indicated