About Us

The Mayfair Clinic opened its doors in 2017, founded by Michael Fatica and Lara Haxa in response to a lack of effective, technology based treatments for back pain on the market. Michael’s knowledge on technological approaches to back pain grew from his experience as an Osteopath performing manual manipulations. By trying more alternative methods of treatment, he found his patients experienced a faster, smoother recovery process with patients healing more completely from their injuries.

Our treatment team is comprised of Michael and Joe, who have been working together for a number of years treating hundreds of cases of back and neck pain. Joe has been working with technology based therapies for back and neck pain since he graduated as a Sports Therapist in 2015. Through the understanding that no two spine cases are the same, Michael and Joe’s wealth of experience allows them to combine our unique range of treatments in an approach that is completely tailored to the individual.



Attracted by the challenge an Osteopathy degree presented, Michael studied at The University College of Osteopathy in London, graduating in 2013. Following this, he gained experience working in clinics adopting different specialities – from manual manipulation to incorporating technology based treatments.

Over the next few years, he learned about how technology offers patients the ability to heal from back and neck pain more completely. He opened The Mayfair Clinic with Lara, investing in the equipment he knew would provide patients the very best back pain relief. Lara was instrumental in the development of The Mayfair Method – Michael’s trademarked treatment approach he delivers alongside Joe, giving patients the best service for the best price.



Joe became interested in treating sports injuries and learning about the human body after sustaining many different injuries playing football, including dislocating his shoulder. Wanting to learn more about the recovery process of injuries, Joe studied Sports Therapy at Chichester University, graduating in 2014.

He briefly worked with sports teams, before deciding to broaden his knowledge on the different treatment modalities available. It was then he began to learn more about treating neck and back injuries, which allowed him to explore technology based therapies, and treat his own lower back pain which he had developed during long commutes into the office.  Joe has worked with Michael for many years perfecting the service that the team give to their patients.



Lara founded The Mayfair Clinic alongside Michael in 2017. Having graduated in the same year as an Osteopath at The University College of Osteopathy, she worked with him to develop The Mayfair Clinic. Lara now focuses primarily on the business growth & management of the clinic.


Clinical Manager

Kerryn joined the team in 2018 to work alongside Lara on running the clinic day-to-day. Having worked in customer service and clinic management for many years, she is front-of-house and handles any enquiries. As a journalism graduate, Kerryn also writes the weekly articles and creates content for The Mayfair Clinic’s online channels.