Spinal Impulse Adjusting

The Future Of Spinal Adjustment
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Your spine is designed to move, and having so many bones and joints making up your spine, you won’t be surprised to know that there is a specific way your spine is designed to be aligned. When you lose this normal alignment, joints become stiff and fail to do their fair share of the work, or become injured.

This is why we offer Spinal Impulse Adjusting as a treatment. It allows us to target specific parts of your spine to either; mobilise and free a stiff joint, or adjust an “out of line” spine towards the normal alignment.

What Conditions Can Benefit?

Effective treatment of your spine can help with pain associated with many conditions, including those below:

• Sciatica

• Slipped or Bulging Disc

• Degenerative Disc Disease

• Arthritis & Spondylosis

• Neck or Back Stiffness

More commonly we will utilise spinal impulse adjusting in combination with our other therapies to enhance the effectiveness of treatment. Traditionally, manipulations (clicks & pops) were used in chiropractic & osteopathy, however these treatment techniques are often uncomfortable and carry risks.

By using technology, a controlled, repeatable treatment can be delivered, and evaluated by the in-device sensors that measure movement. It’s these technological advances that allow us to deliver results that previously have not been possible.

This technology opens up spinal adjustments, and all the benefits, to a group of patients that previously would struggle with receiving traditional adjustments.

If you think you might benefit from this sort of treatment, use the buttons below to reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss your case.