Fast & Lasting Pain Relief

Improved Circulation, Reduced Swelling & Inflammation and Increased Recovery & Repair.

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Increasing Blood Flow For Pain Relief

Attracts More Nutrients by Increasing Blood Flow.

The 970nm increases blood flow to the area, delivering more nutrients & eliminating waste more efficiently.
Oxygenation of tissues for Pain Relief

Increases Tissue Oxygenation

The 905nm targets haemoglobin causing the release of more oxygen into the target area to help the cells “breath”
Increase ATP Production for Pain Relief

Speeds Up Regeneration & Healing

The 800nm Targets the enzymes inside the mitochondria which are like the engines of the cell, making them produce energy faster.

Surface Healing & Reduced Scarring

the 660nm targets the surface tissue cells creating a healthy skin to resist pathogens whilst also reducing scarring.

How Laser Effects Your Body

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During application, the laser stimulates the body increasing circulation to the area.  This draws water, oxygen, and nutrients to the target location. This provides the optimal healing environment. Because it increases the throughflow of circulation as well, the laser has the effect of reducing inflammation build up, swelling, muscle spasm, stiffness, and pain relief. As the damaged area begins to return to normal, the function of the injured tissue is restored and pain alleviated.

It’s these unique benefits that make laser therapy an integral part of “The Mayfair Method” and help enhance the benefits of our other treatment technology.

9 Ways Laser Treatment Helps Your Pain!

Increased Vascular Activity & Reduced Swelling

The treatment causes the blood vessels & the lymphatic vessels to widen in a process called vasodilation. As well as this, the treated area undergoes a process of angiogenesis, the growth of new small blood vessels. This allows more nutrients to be supplied to the injured and also aid removal of waste from dead or damaged cells. Improving the drainage through the lymphatic vessels and veins also helps with removing the excessive swelling right from the first treatment.

Powerful Local Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Research* has shown that laser is excellent at helping the completion of the inflammatory process. Specifically, Laser has documented effects at reducing inflammation producing cytokines such as Interleukin-1. At the same time, Laser has shown to reduce damaging free radical levels by increasing SOD levels (Super Oxidase Dismutase). This helps get your painful inflammation under control by targeting the cells and enzymes that make inflammation worse!

Helps Restore Normal Nerve Function & Transmission

Nerves allow your brain to communicate with your body and your body to communicate with your brain. When your body is in pain, particularly if it’s chronic, the nerves stop working as well. Laser has been proven* to help nerve signal transmission improve, a finding that has been backed up with specific nerve tests after treatment. An additional effect is the cell regeneration in damaged nerves, something that is normally very slow or non-existent!

More Complete Healing With Less Fibrous Tissue

Poor quality healing often leads to scar tissue formation. By getting treatment early, Laser can prevent the build-up of scar tissue. This has been particularly good for patients with torn ligaments, tendons or muscles, or post-surgery. By getting a complete healing effect, tissue has less scarring, therefore reducing the chronic pain that is so often associated with scars.

Increases Local Cellular Metabolic Activity

Laser literally energises your cells! By stimulating the right molecules in the target area, tissue oxygenation, ATP synthesis (energy creation) and intercellular exchanges are accelerated. These photochemical reactions cause your body’s injured cells to work more efficiently and at a faster pace. This is because your cells are able to make more energy.

Regulation of Your Immune System

Inside the treated areas, a greatly improved immune response has been seen. This is thanks to an increase in Leukocytic activity. The immune system is seen to be working harder. Surface wounds being treated with Laser are shown to be more resistant to secondary infections. Your immune system not only battles infections, it also clears away dead and damaged tissue meaning your body can clean & process injured tissues more effectively.

Tissue Repair & Cell Regeneration Taken To A New Level

By delivering the treatment at specifically tailored wavelengths, powers, and pulse frequencies, the regeneration effects penetrated deep into your body to accelerate cellular repair and replication. This results in repair & regeneration of tendon, ligament, muscle & bone cells at a faster rate than would otherwise be possible. Not just providing pain relief, but actually healing the damage!

Faster Healing Of Surface Wounds, Visible Results

Nowhere is our treatment better displayed than on surface wounds. Treatment has been proven to lead to faster healing with greater strength of new tissue (better tensile strength). This protects against further breakdown or tissue damage. This has been demonstrated well in the research on Chronic Diabetic Ulcers & Traumatic wounds in particular.*

Pain Relief That Lasts

Because the combination of our treatments effects are so broad on the human body, pain relief lasts. Inflammation and swelling reduce, greater circulation brings more nutrients to the treatment site and expels more waste products. Cells metabolism elevates as they are producing more energy, as a result, healing occurs faster. But not just faster, more completely. Less scarred, fibrous tissue means better quality healing and reduced soreness, with better outcomes, even after surgery.

This leaves you with an injury that has healed much more effectively and completely. Most of all, treatment gives you a robustness, to reduce the likelihood of future injury. True Lasting Pain Relief

Laser Could Really Help Your Recovery.

Ultimately, Laser is a safe and effective treatment that has a significant base of scientific research behind it.

This treatment reduces inflammation, swelling & pain effectively by causing the blood and other small vessels to open in the treatment location. This reduces pain because the treatment increases the through-flow of blood & nutrients. As a result, more materials for repair of the injury can be “dropped off”, and more waste products are taken away.

Stimulation of red blood cells triggers an oxygen dump along with other essential nutrients into the surrounding injured tissues. This drastically improves recovery speed. There are also unique bio-stimulatory effects which increase the speed of cell division, tissue repair, and regeneration. An effect unique to this laser technology and something no normal physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor can achieve.

Treatment of back or neck pain with Laser is often described as gentle and soothing and is effective in a short space of time with results that can often be felt as soon as the first visit.

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