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GHP Alternative Medicine & Holistic Medicine Health Awards.

What Your First Visit Includes:


Treatment From Your First Visit

to get you on the path to recovery quickly


Full Consultation & Examination

to build a case history & injury profile


Special Orthopaedic Testing

to understand which structures are involved


Digital X-Ray Imaging

where examination proves clinically relevant


Independent Clinical Radiologist Report

checking for more serious bone damage


Full Spinal Biomechanical X-Ray Analysis

to understand the real cause of your back pain

Full Examination Including:

*X-Ray, A Treatment & Results £250

*only if clinically indicated

We believe in simple and consistent pricing that’s easy to understand. Thats why there are only two fee’s.

One for your initial consultation process which you can read more about on our New Patients page in detail, or see in the video above.

The second is for any additional appointments, this fee includes all treatment technologies that are relevant to your case, as well as any appropriate rehabilitation advice or guidance.

Initial Consultation


Follow Up Session


Available Discounts For Ongoing Treatment

Depending on the length of time you have had your condition & the severity, after your initial consultation and examination process, you may require ongoing sessions. If so, our pre-payment options offer the opportunity to save up to 20%.