The Mayfair Method

A unique approach to your treatment, whether it’s neck pain, back pain or sciatica, our integrated approach makes all the difference.

Specialist Spine Imaging Analysis

Detailed Diagnostic Analysis, Biomechanics Reports, Informs Treatment & Rehab Approach

To help get even more out of our specialist technology, we undergo a thorough analysis of your spine’s biomechanics.
This helps us target treatment to you and your unique spinal alignment, make corrections where possible and finally prescribe the most appropriate and safe rehabilitation exercises for the long term.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Decompress Damaged or Herniated Discs, Reduce Pain, Alleviate Nerve Compression

If you have suffered from spinal disc problems, causing back pain or discomfort in the neck, this treatment is for you.
Treatment gently stretches the spine to relieve pressure and help with healing injuries to both neck & back spinal discs.

Laser Therapy

Accelerate Healing, Increase Circulation, Decrease Local Inflammation

Laser is a great tool our team use to enhance both the speed and completeness of healing.
Treatment is extremely versatile and can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions effectively with maximal patient comfort. Ideal for everything from back & neck pain, to tendonitis and ligament strains.

Percussion Vibration Therapy

Breaks down scar tissue, improves joint mobility & blood flow

A breakthrough approach to soft tissue therapy, providing a pain-free way to release muscle spasm and tightness.
Delivering up to 3600 percussions per minute, our percussive vibration therapy is a vital part of the treatment process and helps improve circulation to tight and overworked muscles.

Computerised Spine Adjustment

Release Stuck Joints, Increase Spine Mobility, Reduce Painful Movement

A safer & more versatile alternative to aggressive manipulation techniques that are commonly used by chiropractors and osteopaths.
We use Impulse Spinal Adjustments to restore normal motion to stiff joints, and also as part of our spinal rehabilitative treatments.

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What People Says About Us.

If you have a neck, spine, back problem then you need to check these guys out. My 84 year old mum had acute lower back pain, to the point that getting out of bed was getting difficult and she wasn’t leaving the house very often. Within a month and only 6 sessions, the Mayfair Clinic has given my mum her life back, and my happy go getting mum back to me. We are both so grateful and I totally recommend them from the consultation, to same day diagnoses to treatment. I now know there is no longer the need to put up with back pain, and help is here.

– Sarah, Google.

Big thanks to the Mayfair Clinic team. I was sceptical at the start because of previously being let down by other clinics who only thought about the short term pain prevention. My back was in horrific pain after a bad accident and i tried all types of rehab and clinics before. After 6-8 weeks of weekly sessions with Mayfair Clinic i started to notice improvement and now able to live a normal life without chronic pain. They have all the tools and knowledge, so if you follow their steps they can help you! Highly recommend.

– Joseph, Google.

Stellar treatment. Michael was able to effectively diagnose my issue and gave me some new insights into the root causes that I had never considered or had ever even been raised in the past from previous visits to other clinics. In my consultation I was not only treated but given a comprehensive understanding of my ailment and excellent advice on how to not only self-remedy my current issue at but also ways I could improve other aspects of my posture/alignment. Highly recommend a visit to the Mayfair Clinic.

– Jason, Google.

I've been struggling with back issues for 10 years and I've seen dozen of specialists, the Mayfair team was by far the most professional and effective, their treatment is very different that what you usually get and they do care about the pacients deeply. Highly recommended!

– Rafael, Google.

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