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It is not just the fact that we have some of the best technology available to treat neck and back pain. It is the way we chose to combine these treatments. A unique osteopathic approach to each individual and each case of back pain. No two spines are the same which is why this unique approach to treatment is so effective.

We’ve developed The Mayfair Method as the perfect combination of treatment technologies to effectively deal with the four causative factors of back & neck pain. Taking the pressure off the spine, accelerating healing, decreasing joint stiffness, and easing muscle spasm is what these treatments achieve.

By evolving our treatment approach as your pain begins to resolve, we can drive your recovery more effectively than other less sophisticated & more common forms of osteopathy or manual treatment in general.

Once more we integrate all of these treatments as appropriate for your case, for one price, simple. Transparency is very important to us.

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