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We are driven to providing our patients with the best osteopathic treatment available.

When you visit The Mayfair Clinic, at our prestigious Cavendish Square address, you will likely be treated using one or more of our advanced treatment technologies.

We specialise in treating patients with neck pain, back pain & sciatica, no matter how acute or chronic. Our goal is to find the best treatment or combination of treatment technologies. Doing this ensures the best possible results for our patients and is something unique to our clinic.

Your treatment with us will be tailored to the demands of your personal condition & will likely evolve over time. Conditions that cause back pain are often more complicated. By evolving our treatment approach as your pain begins to resolve, we can drive your recovery more effectively than other less sophisticated & more common forms of osteopathy.

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“We Are Committed To Using The Best Treatment Technology Available”

The Mayfair Clinic | 4 Cavendish Square

Symptoms & Conditions

Approximately 80% of the population will suffer back pain. Given its prevalence, it’s not surprising that the overwhelming majority of the patients we see are suffering from a condition that is giving them back pain, such as sciatica.

The Office for National Statistics showed in 2015/16 that the longer someone is off with back pain, the more difficulty they are likely to have in returning to work. Once more they are more likely to develop secondary conditions like depression. Early intervention is so important. 

We have great success in treating conditions causing neck or back pain. So for more information on conditions visit our what we treat page or call us to speak about your symptoms.

An Expert Understanding Of Your Spine

Having a significant level of expertise around the spine and its structure, the clinic offers all patients the opportunity, where appropriate, to get a full spinal analysis done.  The Mayfair Clinic has gone to great lengths to ensure the provision of the very best osteopathic services for our patients.  We offer the ability to get spinal scans done in partnership with imaging centers on our doorstep. Thanks to such an exclusive relationship, we are normally able to get scans done for our patients on the same day.

This streamlined process allows Images to be taken swiftly and reported back to us for our in-depth biomechanical analysis.  This service is of vital importance for patients suffering from back or neck pain, helping us identify the root cause of their pain and how to treat this most effectively.

This approach is particularly helpful if you are someone suffering from slipped discs or herniated/bulging discs, but have no real understanding of why it isn’t recovering. Understanding your spine properly frequently reveals the answers to health & recovery!

Once the injury has recovered and pain reduced, we can recommend a comprehensive set of activities, stretches, and exercises tailored to your spine and its strengths and weaknesses.  This is vitally important when working with any patient towards long-term health and wellbeing that this is provided.

Discover Our State-of-the-art Osteopathic Technology

Unique to Cavendish Square

It is not just the fact that we have some of the best technology available to treat neck and back pain. It is the way we chose to combine these treatments in a unique osteopathic approach to each individual and each case.  No two spines are the same which is why this unique approach to treatment is so effective.

Learn more about how the osteopathic treatments at The Mayfair Clinic work in your body…

Faster Healing For A Complete Recovery

healing neck pain treatment

Laser is a great tool our osteopaths use to enhance both the speed and completeness of healing.

Treatment is extremely versatile and can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions effectively with maximal patient comfort. Ideal for everything from back & neck pain, to tendonitis and ligament strains.

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Reducing Pressure To Alleviate Pain

treatment for back pain osteopath london

If you have suffered from spinal disc problems, causing back pain or discomfort in the neck, this treatment is for you.

Treatment gently stretches the spine to relieve pressure and help with healing injuries to both neck & back spinal discs.

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Reducing Stiffness & Increasing Mobility

Osteopathy London Back Treatment

A safer & more versatile alternative to aggressive manipulation techniques that are commonly used by chiropractors and osteopaths.

We use Spinal Impulse Adjustments to restore normal motion to stiff joints, and also as part of our spinal rehabilitative treatments.

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The Osteopathic Clinician

Registered Osteopath Michael Fatica is the founding clinician of The Mayfair Clinic. He has significant experience in X-Ray structural analysis of the spine. This expertise has been built through thousands of consultations and tens of thousands of individual X-Ray films analyzed and patient treatments.

In recent years Michael’s focus has shifted to a more advanced Osteopathic approach. The reason for this is that technology has surpassed what a human being can do, giving patients superior & lasting results.

After getting such great results in a busy practice leading a team of 8 practitioners & overseeing in excess of 500 patient visits a week. Michael founded The Mayfair Clinic to focus on providing a more personal, one-on-one service.

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