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We see quite a number of different shoulder pain cases at The Mayfair Clinic, and we have covered recently the main causes of sharp shoulder pain here. One of the more common injuries to the shoulder that we particularly see in men, is a deep pain at the front of the shoulder and can often be caused by workouts at the gym. This pain usually is most common at the top of the bicep tendon. There is generally a lot of information circling online about this type of pain, but it’s usually a combination of multiple areas of the shoulder becoming injured at the same time.

The shoulder joint is peculiar, in the sense that it’s usually a very unstable joint that does require a nice, supportive structure of muscles around the ball and socket joint. These are then able to hold the shoulder joint in the correct place, for it to function effectively. There are certain activities and lifestyles that can make shoulder pain more likely due to this joint being unstable. Although certain exercises at the gym can cause and exacerbate this type of pain, it’s also common in those who don’t go to the gym as you’re not strengthening the area so it can be susceptible to injury.

Deep Shoulder Pain While Exercising

If someone develops this type of shoulder pain, and frequently goes to the gym, it could be likely that they are focusing on strengthening other muscles besides the shoulders and upper back. It can be common to focus on the so-called ‘glamour muscles’ at the gym, which can typically be the chest and biceps. This can cause rounded shoulders, which we discuss more in detail in our article dedicated to rounded shoulders.

Equally, if you have a desk job and you’re regularly slouching at your desk, or you participate in sports such as running or cycling, these can all contribute towards your likelihood of developing rounded shoulders. This is where you adopt a more hunched position, and can be very minor in the sense that you may just have a slight rounding of the shoulders, to the extreme where your posture is considerably forward. It’s invariably as a consequence to this type of posture, that you are then putting stress or strain onto these muscles, which will slowly start to limit the range of motion that you have in moving your arm. Over time, this can become very painful and restricting, to the point where you may find it difficult to lift your arm above your head without feeling pain.

Shoulder Pain With Rounded Shoulders

If this has happened to you, or you notice you have rounded shoulders, it can cause worry or anxiety as it is quite a difficult process to take control of and recover from – mostly because you need to find the right exercises that will start to improve the symptoms. One of the most important steps to take here is to actually get some treatment done to the inflamed and irritated areas of the front of the shoulder joint, and then you need to learn how to actually start re-engaging the back muscles in order to strengthen and open up the posture again.

Strengthening your shoulders, and exercises to improve the posture requires two different approaches that you’ll need to bare in mind while training. To strengthen your shoulders, it’s worth investing in a set of exercise bands as these will provide continual support as you progress and become stronger. Try rotator cuff rotations. To do this, have your exercise band hooked onto something sturdy, such as a door handle, start with your arms by your side, hold the exercise band in one hand, lifting the arm of that hand to a right angle, externally rotate your arm to the side and return back. These can also be done by internally rotating your arm as well. Other exercises that can be done include chest fly’s, these can strengthen your shoulders and target your upper back as well, which in turn will help to correct your posture. Although chest fly’s are traditionally done in the gym, you can also use an exercise band to complete these at home.

Impact of Correcting your Posture

Your goal is to strengthen the upper back so your posture becomes more balanced. If you work in a desk job, you’ll need to make sure you’re adopting correct posture to get the most out of these exercises. Eventually you’ll notice that your shoulders will be less rounded, and hunched over. The exercises will also strengthen the shoulder so that it can improve its entire range of motion. It should then be able to function effectively without causing wear and tear to your shoulder. Tendon injuries in the shoulder are very common, but with the right treatment and the right exercises, they are more easy to treat. If you can get your posture to work more effectively and your shoulders reoriented, you will find that you’ll start to have a healthier shoulder – and a healthier back! Correcting your posture is not only good for the shoulders, but it can also decrease your chances of experiencing back pain caused by bad posture, which over time can cause degeneration to occur earlier in life in the spine.

If you’ve struggled with shoulder pain and you’re finding it difficult to rehabilitate, we offer a comprehensive examination process that could help to determine exactly what’s wrong, and the right treatment for you. If you’re based in the London area, call our clinic today on 0203 947 3222, or email us at info@themayfairclinic.com. We also offer rehabilitation through our specialised exercise program called Back in Shape – designed to get your back, in shape! This can be accessed from anywhere in the world, with details of our subscriptions available here.

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