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Virtual consultation for back pain

Since putting together our membership area, we’ve had a great deal of interest from all areas of the country from people looking for help with their back pain closer to them. We’re very excited to have put together our brand new video consultation calls for back pain, which we hope you will find helpful in getting tailored, expert advice for any back issues, from the comfort of your home. These calls are ideal for anyone currently suffering with any degree of back pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, bulging, slipped or herniated discs etc. As lower back pain is one of the most common causes of disability, and is ranked as one of the biggest burdens in health conditions globally, it can be very difficult to find the right help and know that you’re doing the right things to fix your problem, we’re offering a consultation with one of our spinal experts in the comfort of your home!

So what can you expect from your video consultation for back pain?

You’ll chat with one of our spinal experts who will take a case history and be able to ask you to perform certain tests in the comfort of your home in order to establish what kind of problem you have. They will then be able to recommend what you can be doing to help your problem – this could be in the form of stretches, core and back strengthening exercises, as well as ice therapy. These steps have been tried and tested to help with many forms of back pain, which we’ve listed above, and can have a tremendous impact on your levels of pain and strength in the long-term.

Video Consultation vs. Phone Consultation

We can of course tailor the process to everybody’s needs, it is much better if you can do a video consultation as it allows us to get additional information from the examination. If this is not possible we can certainly work with a phone consultation too.

Previous Scans, Imaging or Reports

If you happen to have any previous scans, reports or imaging to hand we would definitely recommend sending that to our team prior to the consultation. This allows our team to do a more thorough job with you during your virtual consultation.

Are virtual consultations for back pain helpful?

Studies show that taking advantage of virtual consultations allow patients to experience lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress, as they’re able to meet with a specialist swiftly after developing a problem and receive expert advice.

Perfect if you have back pain

We know from experience that the sooner a patient stops doing the wrong things & starts doing the right things, the sooner they recover. Early intervention with back pain is so vital and can help to dramatically reduce the likelihood of it becoming a recurring problem.

Who is suitable for virtual back pain consultations?

It can be helpful for those on all ends of the spectrum, from chronic long term back pain to the more acute, recent episodes of back pain. The ability to get expert advice swiftly is the main benefit of these virtual consultations, plus they are more affordable too!

This is also ideal for anyone suffering with mobility problems, living in a more remote area, are home-bound, or struggle to find help outside of their working hours. Our consultations are easily accessible and wide times of availability as we’re open Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 7:00pm, meaning you can benefit from one of our sessions around working hours.

Back Pain or Sciatica

If you’ve been struggling with back pain without help & cannot wait for an appointment with your GP or Physio this is perfect for you.

Second Opinion

If you’ve tried lots of things in the past with no help, the video consultation can be particularly helpful to get a second expert opinion.

Arrange Yours Today

It couldn’t be easier to arrange your virtual back pain consultation instantly. Click the button below and complete the simple, two-step process to secure you appointment time. There’s even a video to explain the process.

We treat back pain of all types day in day out

At The Mayfair Clinic the majority of our patients have back pain or neck pain of some description. Our whole clinic is dedicated to providing a great technological solution that helps these patients where previous options have failed. Because of this, our team of experts have a huge bank of knowledge and experience.

Seeing patients making the same mistakes over and over again, as well as less common conditions and more complex presentations our team has developed an ability to help even some of the most challenging cases where others have failed.

The next best thing for back pain

It would always be best that a patient visit us in the clinic to benefit from our fantastic treatment technology. That being said, the impact of core and back strengthening exercises for back pain, long-term, cannot be understated.

In a study of the best rehabilitation techniques for chronic lower back pain techniques, it detailed a 3-month intervention program of core stability exercises that gave an almost 77% significant decrease in pain.

Having the wisdom to know which combination of exercises and stretches you should be doing is the key, but when we compare strengthening to traditional medical management, the results speak for themselves. In one such study examining back pain cases over a span of 2-3 years, it was found that patients who solely relied on ‘medical management’ were twice as likely to experience recurring back pain, compared to others who followed an exercise program. Another study where patients followed a digital care program over the course of 12 weeks found that the patients’ average pain levels improved by 52-64%, and improved disability outcomes by 31-55%.

Figure Out The Problem

Knowing that exercises are good is one thing, but most people have already tried exercises. This is where our team can help during you virtual consultation. Once we can better understand the issue, we can focus on the right combination.

Prescribe The Right Remedy

Once we have a better understanding of the issue, we can work on prescribing the right exercises for you, the right stretches in the right combination.

Arrange your virtual back pain consultation from anywhere

So, if you are struggling with your back pain and you’re not based in London, or you would prefer to deal with the problem in the comfort of your own home. Our spinal experts are available for virtual consultations so you can get the help that you need. We, as a nation, are well aware of the stress on our health service – it can take a long time to get an appointment and that’s just to see your GP. From our experience with patients, it’s often the case that you will end up waiting to see a practitioner on the NHS for a number of weeks – sometimes in excess of 3 months. The simple fact is that most cases of back pain are non life-threatening, which means that getting the help you need can be more tricky – or limited to painkillers, injections or surgery. Our consultations can be booked through our easy portal online and for the affordable price.

If you would like to book your online consultation, visit the link here. You’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out your details, choose your appointment and then followed by payment. Again, this consultation can help with any cases of back pain – including lower back pain, slipped disc pain, bulging disc pain, herniated disc pain and sciatica. The appointment will last roughly 30 minutes and try to do the consultation in a room that has enough space to move around as we may need you to perform some tests in order to understand the type of problem you have.

How to make your booking

Simply click the book now button below & you’ll be taken to the sign up & bookings page. There is also a video there too where Michael will go through how the booking process works.

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