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Your Spinal Alignment is your True Posture

Sometimes recurring spinal aches & pains have a deeper cause.  Even though on the outside, your posture could look good, deep down the spine is just not in its correct position.  This places significant stress on the spine and can really limit recovery of back and neck troubles.

Slipped Disc

Slipped DiscStruggling with recurrent slipped discs or the symptoms of an old disc injury can be so frustrating. Your alignment is incredibly important and could be contributing to the problem. Being aware and having an understanding of your spinal alignment is important as it allows you to avoid bad exercises or habits.  Over the thousands of cases seen, in too many daily stretches or activities may have been helping in the short term. But in the long term, these “self-help exercises” were actually doing more harm than good.  This is often why disc injuries are so slow to heal.

Typically people will be recommended forward bending movements to alleviate the pain and “stretch” the back.  This could actually be making you worse. It is always worth checking what is really going on inside the body, as this helps get lasting results.

Long Term Solution

Understanding your alignment helps the prescription of the right exercises & maintenance. Done correctly, the right exercises and stretches can really help manage and control the symptoms much more effectively.  This can only be done following a detailed and extensive biomechanical analysis of the spinal curves.

MRI vs. X-Ray

This is such a common question, and it is important to understand the merits of both.  MRI gives a great understanding of the soft tissue condition. This said, X-rays, which must be done standing upright for maximum benefit, give the best understanding of the person’s alignment.  It is for this reason that standing X-rays are always the best option for providing the patient with the most helpful insight and recommendations to help improve the patients quality of life.

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