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Health Healing & Mitochondrial Supporter

Our body needs energy for everything it does. The mitochondria are the energy producers that live inside almost every cell in your body.

Like everything, their productivity can be slowed by stress, infections and toxins in the body. The One supplement stimulates the mitochondria to improve function and replicate through a number of metabolic pathways.

It also has elements that help to detoxify the body. Increasing the productivity of the mitochondria can have great effects all around the body, including an increase in the rate of healing.


PPQ & CoQ10

These help to boost mitochondrial function & biogenesis, helping them reproduce and work better.


Resveratrol & CoQ10

Well known to have healthy anti-aging properties as well as protect from oxidative stress.



Powerfully combat free-radicals protecting your mitochondria & cells in general from damage


Adaptogenic Herbs

Support optimal function in the endocrine (hormones) system. 


Phosphatydlcholine (phospholipids)

Support & nourish cell membranes, particularly good for cells under stress, such as the Kidneys & Liver.

2 reviews for The One

  1. Nicola (verified owner)

    Really like this supplement, one of my daily essentials.

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    Taste is good, and so much better than having to take all the different supplements & herbs separately!

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