Right now can be a tricky time for dealing with back pain. Not only can it be more challenging to see your GP, getting imaging done may be less of a priority and if you’re needing to self-isolate because you’re more vulnerable, it may not even be possible to leave the house. Alongside this, back pain can feel very isolating in itself as it’s not a visible condition. So what help is available from home? With lots of misinformation out there, we have optimised our services to be able to provide you with as much support from home as possible. Today  we’re going to give a run-down today of the new services we’ve implemented and how you can get the most out of your time at home if you do have back pain.

What Mistakes Do People Make With Back Pain

First of all, when a back problem has been going for a number of weeks, months or years, it can be very confusing to know exactly what improves it and what makes it worse. Your back should have a nice smooth curve in the lower back, and maintaining this is an important part of good back health. Repetitive stress and poor posture on a daily basis can mean that we lose the curve, but exercises like knee hugs can also contribute towards a rounding of the lower back as well. Another mistake people often make is resting too much. It’s often recommended if we have an injury to rest, or for people with back pain to rest in bed, but movement is extremely important at helping your circulation. Equally, a lot of people enthuse about taking a hot bath or shower, or putting heat packs on back pain, but heat can be very inflammatory to this type of injury. Of course, it feels good at the time which can make you feel better, but in the long-term it doesn’t help with the problem. For that reason, try using ice on the area a few times a day for no more than around 5 minutes at a time. It’s very normal for ice to make you stiff for a short while, but this will pass as soon as you’ve warmed back up.

Livestreams For Back Pain

You may, or may not, be aware that since lockdown began we have been putting out livestreams to give advice on back pain and also give anyone the opportunity to ask questions in our Q&A segment at the end. This gives you the opportunity to ask us a question about your condition, about a condition in general, or to ask questions about your recovery. If you do have access to the internet, these are available to view on YouTube and Facebook every weekday, and they’re also saved to the page as well so if we do mention something from a previous video, these are available to go back and watch. If you do subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow our Facebook account, you can also get notifications as to when the video will be live so do make sure to do this as well if you are enjoying watching these or find them to be helpful.

Join The Back In Shape Program

A full protocol to support you get out of back pain in the short term and then rehab safely and effectively to deal with the issue for the long term.

Free At-Home Back Pain Program

We’ve mentioned very frequently our free, at-home back pain program that you can access at www.backinshapeapp.com, so if you haven’t yet signed up do feel free to check this out. On this page we have more information about other mistakes it’s common to make if you have back pain, specific advice on exercises you can do to relieve the pain as well as stretches to relieve the pressure on the back from other areas of the body. We highly recommend that you read through all of the information we’ve put together there before moving on to doing the stretches, don’t skip directly to these, as there’s so much information on there that might be helpful for your everyday life. Skipping through the information might mean that you miss a crucial piece of advice to help with what you do on a daily basis, and might be the difference between a smoother recovery and one with relapses. All the information is condensed into video form, as well as written descriptions to help you understand the steps to recovery.

Once you’ve been through phase 1, you then have the option to upgrade to a premium membership in order to gain access to phase 2. If you do choose to upgrade, you’ll have access to our Facebook community where you can interact with others in the program, as well as our practitioners as well in case you have any questions. In the premium membership, the program shifts towards strengthening, which is going to make the big difference in the long-run of being able to move on pain free. Of course, if you do wish to join phase 2 from the outset, you can do this straightaway. This may be the case if you’re not in a huge amount of pain, or you’re not suffering at the minute but do get frequent relapses. You may also choose to move on to phase 2 straightaway if you’re currently very active but struggling with pain. Sticking to the whole of phase 1 would however be recommended if movement is very difficult for you at this time. These programs are suitable for anyone, whether your pain has only just started during lockdown, or you’ve had the problem for a number of months or years. With more long-term cases, you may expect a longer recovery but everyone is individual.

Virtual Consultations For Back Pain

We are also currently offering virtual consultations, which you can take advantage of if you have any questions whatsoever, that you think would benefit from some one-on-one time with our lead practitioner, Michael Fatica. Perhaps you’ve had some imaging done and you need some help with understanding the problem, perhaps you’ve started with the membership area but have questions related specifically for your condition or you’d like to have one-on-one check-ins with Michael. These are all great reasons to book in for one of our virtual consultations, so if you would like to schedule one of these in, you can book here. If you live in another country, both the membership area and virtual consultations are open to booking for you, so please do go ahead and book in if you would like an appointment. They also take place in whatever kind of form you feel most comfortable doing them. If you would prefer it to simply be a phone call, we can arrange this, but if you’d prefer to do a video call, we can arrange this to be done on a phone, tablet, laptop or whatever device you have!

We hope you’ve found this article on getting help for your pain online helpful. If you do have any questions, please do feel free to get in touch with us either via our social channels, or by emailing us.

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