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One of the treatments our patients enjoy in the clinic to help ease their muscle tension and soreness is vibration. Handheld vibration tools have become more popular as at home tools to combat against muscle tension, as a result there are a number on the market at varying price points.

We use one of their ‘suped-up’ models in the clinic for our main vibration tool which is fantastic and patients love it – the Hypervolt is the model we recommend if they ask if they can buy a similar product to use at home in between treatments. As a small disclaimer, we don’t get paid to sell these products – we just enjoy talking about the product and would like to give you an unbiased opinion.

Who Is It For?

The Hypervolt a fantastic tool if you’re regularly active or an athlete, as it’s much more convenient and effective compared to using a foam roller, receiving a massage or trying to stretch the muscle – as these can be very time-consuming. One of the main challenges we find patients experience when they’re going through the rehabilitation we give them here at the clinic, is appropriately stretching after the exercises. The great thing about a Hypervolt is that you can work on the muscles straight after the workout in a very time-efficient manner. You can treat problem areas within a few minutes so there’s no real barrier to doing it. For our patients it also feels really nice, and can prevent and ease delayed onset muscle soreness. The huge benefit of this product is the ease of use, especially in patients that have more compromised movement. Compared to foam rolling which is essentially an upper body workout in itself and generally uncomfortable, treating any areas of tension is very easy.

Older patients would also benefit from a Hypervolt, since it will help to increase the circulation to muscles, and make sure they’re getting adequate drainage and profusion of blood to the muscles, particularly in the leg muscles. Using it on the lower back and glutes will also help to keep the muscles awake and infused with oxygen, so they can work as effectively as possible. It can also be used for athletes, if you’re working out in the gym regularly or training hard, and want to really look after those muscles to avoid injury.

What’s Included In The Box?

Alongside the main unit, there’s a variety of different heads that can be attached to the device. The flat head is by far the most versatile and can be used more or less anywhere. There’s a forked attachment that can be used on areas of the spine on the joints. The ball attachment can again be used more or less anywhere, but we think it’s very gentle for the shoulders and neck so that’s our preferred area to use that head. And finally the one with a tapered, more ‘pokey’, top is best for areas that are more nooks and crannies, particularly around the pecs, in and around the glute region and get a deeper massage into the hip rotators. It’s worth trying them all out and seeing what works best for you, as they’re all quite versatile! The device has three speed settings on the back, you simply hit the button on the bottom to up the speed or turn it off.

Price Of The Hypervolt

The Hypervolt is not as powerful as the version we use for all of our treatments here in the clinic, but it is about 1/10th of the price, so that is a large, beneficial trade-off. Generally, at home competitor devices of the Hypervolt can cost anywhere between £200-£600, so that’s quite a large window. At £399, this sits right in the middle and is one of the best we’ve used. Some other devices we’ve come across have a very large amplitude, and this is something we demonstrate in the video. If you turn on the device, you can see that the head moves a reasonably small distance from the base, about a centimetre away. Some other devices move over a larger distance, which can feel more like a punching motion. These devices tend to be more forceful and much less finessed. In comparison to the £3000 model, it’s not quite as powerful and you can feel the vibration in your hands, which in the pricier model gets absorbed by the device and not your hand. If you regularly pay out for massages, which can easily be £100 an hour in London, the cost of the product can be offset within a short space of time, and it’s nowhere near as time consuming as a massage.

How Loud Is A Hypervolt?

We know that if a product is loud, you’re less likely to do it at a time that actually suits you. Some of the devices we’ve come across in the past produce a lot of sound and can feel like you’re on a building site. If you’re at home, relaxing in the evening watching TV you won’t even need to change the volume of the TV to perform the treatment. A loud motor can really take away the enjoyment of using it regularly, so bear that in mind when purchasing a device like this.

That’s been our experience so far with the Hypervolt, we use it very much as an adjunct to treatment here and to demonstrate what kind of device a patient can buy to use at home if they enjoy the vibration. It’s fantastic value for money if you’re in the market for a device like this one, especially if you’re regularly active and don’t want to foam roll or spend endless amounts of time stretching. It’s worth noting that Hyperice have recently launched the Hypervolt Plus which is brand new to the market. Having just received this model, our first impressions indicate it’s more powerful than its predecessor and quieter. If you do have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our very best to answer them!

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