Often when people think of back pain solutions, they think of massage therapy. While these can be relaxing with the essential oils and the gentle massage on sore muscles – if you do have back pain that has been recurring or that’s quite severe – you might find it to be ineffective, your relief to be short-lived or for your pain to recur after a time. At The Mayfair Clinic we have a more more effective treatment that can provide relief in a substantially more effective way and in a much shorter time, than traditional massage. Vibration massage is a tool we use here on areas that are particularly tight or uncomfortable, to bring increased blood flow and relax the muscle – both qualities that can help increase the speed to which your body is going to heal following an injury.

A lot of cases of back pain are sadly misdiagnosed. If you’ve seen any of our other videos or read our articles, you’ll understand our particular viewpoint is to look at the structure of the spine to see how your spine has become injured in the first place. Often back pain is accompanied by muscle spasms, and patients may be initially diagnosed with muscle spasms but are not recommended a therapy that can target these. Not only are we able to treat the discomfort and tension that frequent muscle spasms cause, we can also identify why the muscle spasms are happening and treat that underlying cause – to stop them from occurring in the long-term. If a patient goes to visit a more traditional osteopath or physiotherapist, they may incorporate massages that consists of traditionally digging the elbow into the glutes or aggressively pressing into the muscles. We’ve previously done a video on why massage can unknowingly cause more damage, which you can find here.

What Is Vibration Therapy?

The percussive vibration therapy we use here is a handheld device used by a practitioner, with different power settings to deliver continuous percussive vibration to the muscles. That very common ‘stiff’ feeling when you have back or neck pain, can come from the muscles when the fibres that make up the muscle become shortened, and the connective tissue at the end is thickened. Since you’re more likely to be inactive when you’re suffering with back or neck pain, the muscles lie still for prolonged periods, micro-adhesions form between the layers of muscle tissue and essentially ‘stick’ them together – that’s why it can be so satisfying to stretch out after a long car journey – as you’re literally breaking those adhesions down. A problem begins to occur when those adhesions have not been broken down for perhaps months or years because the patient has been so stiff, because the tissue needs to be broken down for the muscle to relax. Percussive vibration can help alleviate muscle tension by getting them to move, in a small way at first, to break down the adhesions and increase circulation.

How Does Vibration Therapy For Back Pain Work?

However, in the treatments we incorporate into The Mayfair Method, we focus on targeting the deeper structure in the spine, to reduce inflammation, reduce the patient’s level of pain so they can start healing effectively. Alongside a more structural issue if you are struggling with muscle spasms, the most effective treatment you’re going to need is a therapy that will be able to effectively treat muscle spasms without causing further discomfort. Vibration can be used on any area that experiences tension. This can be anywhere from your back and shoulders, to your thighs or calves, we frequently hear that patients see results instantaneously. Working on muscles using regular massage can be counterproductive if the practitioner or therapist doesn’t fully understand the issue – which can often be the case since you don’t usually have to disclose a full case log or have a robust examination process just to undergo a massage at your local spa. That’s because those classic ‘rubby rubby’ massages aren’t really doing anything other than move the skin over the muscles, which is nice and relaxing, but not really going to help you with back pain.

Is Vibration Therapy More Effective Than Massage Therapy?

The aim of the vibration in a case where the patient is in a lot of pain, will be to get them moving much easier. Which will make the other treatments more effective, and make rehabilitation exercises and stretches much more manageable. Once a patient is able to do the exercises and stretches, they may start to notice other aches and pains appearing because of the muscles working harder or in a different way. When that happens we can then use the vibration to ease that tension off as well, and so the cycle continues. When doing exercise, waste products build up  each time, so it’s important to get rid of this waste product and loosen the muscles so that you’re in the best position to work out again. One of the biggest advantages of the treatment has to be that it’s well tolerated by a very wide range of conditions. It can be very pleasant, instantly relieving on the muscles, and can be adapted for no matter how severe or slight your condition is. Like our other therapies, percussion is precise, controlled and adjustable. We are able to deliver the beneficial effects far in excess of a full body massage in a much shorter space of time without the patient having to undress, or making you feel sore after the treatment.

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