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Back Strengthening Exercises For Lower Back Pain

These back strengthening exercises are selected because they will provide you with a safe way rehabilitate. You could be suffering from a recent relapse in a back problem and need some easy exercises to start to gently challenge your lower back muscles. If that is the case, starting at the beginning will work perfectly for you, by working on the stage one exercises you can start to re-engage your back muscles, “off-weight baring”.

We have also added some more advanced exercises for lower back pain rehabilitation. Some of these in the later stages employ the use of weight machines to help challenge and build the muscle support further.

Lower Back Strengthening Exercises For Back Pain

It is vital if you’re currently suffering from back pain that you exercise safely. Your back pain could be coming from a “slipped disc” or it could be caused by arthritis or muscle spasms. Working in a way that is kind to your body is most important. When not supported effectively your lower back can be a very delicate and injury-prone area. So be careful in the early days!

Tips For Effective Back Muscle Strengthening 

  • Start at the stage you feel comfortable with given your circumstances. If you are suffering from a recent injury, starting at stage 1 would be best.
  • Make sure you record your progress. This is important as what get’s measured gets accomplished.
  • Make sure your lower back exercises are progressive. This means that you should be doing more reps or more weight 6 months from now.
  • Don’t be surprised if there is a little muscle soreness the day after your first couple of workouts – this is normal.
  • Contact Us if you need any additional help and guidance!

Other Rehab, Such As Lower Bac Stretches

This video is more focused on the strengthening of the lower back muscles, but please be sure to keep your back muscles stretched and supple. This will help prevent injury in the future. A quick Google search will reveal many stretches for lower back pain (click here for results). You do however need a good understanding of your own body to be confident that the stretches you are doing are not doing more harm than good!

If you would like more information, some help or guidance with your exercises for lower back pain or and effective back strengthening exercises that can be added to this routine tailored to your level and confidence, reach out to us – we are always happy to help!


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