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Sometimes you need that extra bit of guidance. With the Back In Shape program, you can get the support you need for a low monthly subscription.

What is the Back In Shape program?

Back In Shape is the world’s first fitness app developed with your back health in mind, suitable for people who have suffered with back pain in the past. Created by the spinal experts at The Mayfair Clinic in London, Back In Shape combines expert commentary and instruction from our clinical team with progressive workout programs. You will carefully be guided on how to complete your Back In Shape program, and recommended specific exercises to strengthen your back and core muscles, without risking injury.

Don’t let back pain stop you!

Reduce Pain: To get you feeling better.

Strengthen: So the problem doesn’t come back.

​​Protection: Protect your back from injury.

The Back In Shape Programs

When you sign up to your Back In Shape program, you’ll be getting an expertly crafted program. Strengthening your back and core & getting back in shape in a way that is safe & effective.

If you are one of our first 100 subscribers you will also benefit from one-on-one access to our clinical team. We’ve crafted this program so that you can have the essential support you need throughout the program. On top of this, we can work with you to alter parts of the program to better meet your personal goals.

Hear From Our PractiTioners

Michael Fatica – Osteopath & Co-founder of The Mayfair Clinic

“We first created this app to help our patients in the clinic, we wanted to make the rehabilitation exercises and stretches easier to complete. Following fantastic feedback from our patients and requests from those that lived too far away to come and see us – we made our app accessible to all!”

Joe Crawford – Practitioner at The Mayfair Clinic

“Whether you are desk based with just a bit of stiffness, or are suffering with back pain that you just can’t shift  – this program is for you. We prescribe all of our patients the Back In Shape program and it has a huge positive impact on their recovery progress.”


“Michael helped me to adjust my exercise routine to my spine and back condition. I couldn’t recommend it enough!” – Fatima


“The Back In Shape app makes working out so much easier, the exercises are easy to follow and very effective especially for anyone suffering with back pain.” – Daniel



Back In Shape 

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